Artificial Grass, imposter or inspired?

artificial grass in garden design

There has been a recent boom in the use of artificial grass to achieve ever neat and low maintenance lawns with mixed results and reviews. Like every product it has its’ place and I have used it very successfully many times in designs with great results.

There are many pros and cons for artificial grass for a given site and budget and it can be just the right product for a particular domestic or commercial situation. There are a huge range of suppliers and artificial grass products to choose from, though many are Chinese manufactured imports of ever changing weave and quality, with little regulation of manufacture. I try to use the slightly more expensive European manufactured products that are more consistent and meet all the relevant manufacturing standards achieving a more reliable performance.

Artificial grass has come a long way since it was used for displaying oranges in greengrocer shops or as a poolside matting and been highly evolved through play surface research and development. The most suitable products for gardens are now very realistic, durable and require only minimal maintenance. However these products are expensive and need to be used sparingly with good design and construction detailing to make the most of them in order to deliver good value for money and durability.

Like many products artificial grass can be a bad choice and appear as an obvious and disappointing imposter compared to a well laid and maintained natural lawn. Where it goes wrong because of product choice, poor construction or no design input the matting and base construction is very heavy to remove and will live in landfill for eternity. Then of course a new natural lawn is often required to be installed with a good topsoil base which is a further substantial cost.

If you are considering artificial grass, with an experienced assessment of your site and all considerations it may be a great choice. If it is a great choice, with the right product and design to make the most of it, the result can be a very long lasting inspired result that saves money and carbon footprint over the long term.

If you are considering using artificial grass for a garden or commercial setting why not give me a call and we can discuss some considerations for you and your project.

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