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It is amazing when you see the positive impact of new well designed buildings and extensions on a property and its’ outdoor spaces. Even simple renovations can transform a home into a really beautiful, inspiring and positively functional space if enough design thought and craft is involved.

Functionality must be a first consideration within a layout plan that is very well thought out before other layers of suitability, proportion, balance and materials are considered. After all that it is the quality and aesthetics of the finish that either elevate or let down the final result.

Tiny House Scotland is one of those craftsman led building companies creating structures and buildings you would normally only find on holiday somewhere lovely! Why suffer bland forgettable buildings when you could have something full of feature, colour, craft and detail that enhances and transforms a space in such a generous way?

So many buildings and extensions are so bland and uninspiring it is no surprise they are later poorly maintained because they are not easily cherished or valued. Often for a very similar cost you could have a custom designed, crafted detail that works so well and looks so good that it changes how you feel about your whole property

As part of our master planning landscape design service we look at all the layout potential of a property including extensions, garden buildings, sheds, home offices etc. to suit the needs of a client as well as the outdoor spaces. It is so important to look at both buildings and spaces at the same time but it is hard for outdoor spaces to have much appeal when buildings are bland or dysfunctional.

There are amazing new materials and opportunities to develop charming structures and buildings to suit any property with an experienced evaluation and design service.

If you would like to look at the master plan potential of your property give us a call for a no obligation chat.

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