Do you have Drainage Problems?

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Who hasn’t got some drainage problems in Central Scotland? The good news is there are so many ways to improve, manage and protect your property from drainage issues by suitable detailing.

Drainage is a key aspect of every design I produce and I am always detailing discreet suitable ideas to improve or resolve the drainage needs of outdoor spaces and the needs of easier maintenance.

There are so many common mistakes with drainage in gardens, including; simply not enough, levels and falls are unsuitable, wrong types of drains, general ground conditions not addressed, drains in wrong place and not enough holding capacity (attenuation) where drainage is expecting to empty a property too quickly to limited capacity outlets.

New houses can be the worst because they seldom have real topsoil and are bedevilled by underlying heavy clay conditions. Many clients have stretched their budget to buy a new house and have limited money to resolve the unexpected issue of major drainage problems.

A good drainage and attenuation design will prevent your garden from being a no go area for 6 months of the year and make keeping your paved areas clean much easier but could take 15% of your budget though this is a sound investment to create a much more enjoyable garden.

There are many new products that can be used to create voluminous and discreet drainage in conjunction with common drainage details and the right choice of paving and lawn preparations etc to allow water to move quickly off the surfaces and be absorbed and held with a slow release to silt trapped outlets. With a good specification gardens can dry up more quickly encouraging much less algae and slip issues and require less maintenance.

It is my job to help clients spend wisely and get more enjoyment of their garden when the Scottish weather eventually breaks, so if you would like to get out of the wet and enjoy a drier, cleaner, easier to maintain garden give me a call and we can discuss the needs of your property.

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