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I have always loved the idea of outdoor rooms and thinking about outdoor spaces as rooms on any scale. Most people think of outdoor rooms as spaces that flow directly from an indoor room which is most commonly a kitchen / diner area out into a garden room area.

I am often asked to design outdoor rooms or garden rooms and they are lovely projects if the architecture, outdoor spaces and budgets have that magical celestial alignment of possibility. The most common scenario is where clients residential or commercial are renovating a building or adding a modern extension with a lot of glass.

Large new areas of glass on extensions and renovations offer great new views of gardens and possibilities of a stronger relationship indoor to outdoor. However, I find I am often called in rather too late to help deliver the full benefits of renovation and extension projects. My fee is the same, but I can save clients a lot of money and achieve so much more for them, if I am involved with the Architect at the early design stages. How the architecture opens to the outdoor spaces and how the outdoor spaces can reflect back needs very careful and balanced consideration to be effective at the earliest possible stage.

The best outdoor rooms are achieved by a lot of careful choices, detailing and craftwork to match the quality, dressing and character of an indoor room. On the whole, effective outdoor rooms are more expensive than general landscaping of an outdoor space and like a great kitchen / diner they require a very detailed design. Very often the indoor space is an expensive delight looking out to a weathered and struggling outdoor mismatch on budget, character and quality. This disappointing scenario can be avoided by good design at an early stage. Budgets can be a bit like medicine that can only achieve a desired result at the right dosage. I work hard to achieve clients’ aspirations within their budget and I give very accurate advice on best likely costs for any design or detail.

If you would like to develop an effective outdoor room or garden room in any style, why not give me a call and we can talk through the possibilities with no obligation.

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