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low maintenance garden design

Most people would say yes and most of my customers ask me to design at least a minimised maintenance style of garden for them.

Low maintenance gardens are possible and can be very attractive using a wide range of materials, details and maintenance equipment appropriately. If gardens are attractive and areas are even just easier to maintain, there is more inspiration and incentive to get the manageable work done. So many gardens are hard work for nothing and owners can lose all interest in their uninspiring garden that has limited potential for them and doesn’t seem worth investing money in.

A big part of my job is to see the potential of a garden and realise that potential in a design that not only suits the property and client but also their level of interest in maintenance to ensure their expenditure is a good investment.

Reducing the maintenance burden of some part of an existing garden is usually quite easy and need not be expensive but creating an entire new garden with a low maintenance specification often involves expensive materials and details to effectively buy reduced maintenance.

I see many failed attempts at low maintenance gardens where customers have spent a lot of money on details that did not last like extensive use of gravels that in a few years have become choked with debris and weeds and look terrible. A lot of low maintenance gardens also look rather brutal like the outdoor areas of commercial premises, like a dentist surgery, rather than the loved outdoor spaces of a home. This can have very negative effects on the value of a property and its character.

With the right combination of careful product choices and details in well proportioned layouts I can give my clients long lasting attractive gardens with minimised maintenance to suit their budget of money and time. I also advise my clients on maintenance regimes, equipment and chemicals to help them further reduce maintenance to suit them.

If you would like to discuss a low maintenance garden design for your property give me a call or email; office@martinwattgardens.co.uk

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