martin watt gardens design for a contemporary outdoor living area
A sheltering contemporary design for a lasting modern garden.

This was a fabulous project and client for me. The garden was a large space in a housing estate property with limited views out and a high house floor level above the garden. The garden was very un-inspiring and disconnected from the house. The clients wanted a beautiful and peaceful self contained modern oasis with some outdoor room feature. I love the challenge of creating effective outdoor rooms and relished this project with such an appreciative client. Having got to know the client, their site and priorities I produced a design in great detail that as they said “blew them away”. They trusted my experience, ideas and judgement and though they were amazed by the design, once it was built they could not believe what had been achieved for their budget. Like many clients this created a garden beyond their dreams and they have recommended me to many of their friends. As always I took great care to listen to their needs and aspirations and earn their trust because many clients cannot visualise a design built and have to trust it will work in reality. This design was a great triumph of trust earned with the client, beautifully delivered by one of my contractors to budget and deadline as always.

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