cottage garden design by martin watt gardens
St. Andrews
A large country cottage garden design with great features.

This was the garden of a lovely country cottage that had not been developed and had loads of potential. The client wanted various features incorporated into a rambling cottage style of garden including a visible water fall feature. I was able to use a lot of existing site stone and matching imported stone to create very authentic and mature looking details to sit easily with the charming cottage. By good layout and proportion this design worked out very well and achieved the character and features the client was looking for, with a good range of planting. I produce designs in any style to any character and advise my clients about styles they are interested in that will work and suit their property. Some styles of garden, especially contemporary, require a lot of thought and careful detail to work well. Cottage gardens are not easy and they require more work to maintain than most styles but where they suit they create a lovely colourful and charming character.

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