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I do not share client details with anyone unless agreed by the client which is often when new clients are looking for a recommendation. I will always call a client and ask if they are happy to receive a call or visit, for me to show off our work to new prospective clients.

My fees are very reasonable and I work always to deadline, so in exchange I always ask to be paid immediately for work done. I do not load my fees to cover for any waiting time for payment.

I prepare design plans with all reasonable care to ensure an accurate survey and layout that will meet the needs of the client at an affordable fee scale and give sufficient guidance to an experienced chosen contractor. It is very important to use experienced contractors because even the simplest tasks can be a disaster in the wrong hands.

I will offer to introduce at least one contractor I have good experience of to any customer that asks but I cannot take responsibility for the performance of the contractor and any deal that is agreed between a contractor and client.

Design plans alone cannot be a complete tender document or contract. The written quotation of the contractor shall be the contract with design plans as a guide in order to get the best possible fixed price comparative quotations.

All reasonable care is taken to gather advice from product suppliers to ensure suitability of use of products and details. Though the performance of products is not the responsibility of the designer but lies with the product manufacturer.

The chosen contractor shall be responsible for all product and build quality control and workmanship and may make changes to the design to suit client choices, budget and circumstances. The chosen contractor shall be responsible for setting out the works and final levels to suit their agreed deal with the client.

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