Are Gardens Good Investments?

the garden before and after

Many clients ask me if having their garden designed and developed is a good investment. It is one of my key considerations in producing any design to evaluate what is worth spending on any given property to realise the potential and value of outdoor spaces. The simple project shown here was a small family home back garden that was waterlogged and unusable. My design created an all-weather, durable and low maintenance lovely garden on budget that is now enjoyed by the client and their children all year round. This client like many really wasn’t convinced it was worth spending money on their garden and they were so delighted they did and so surprised with how much was achieved for them.

Every property is different but with good choices and design from enough experience most developed gardens add a lot of value to homes often beyond the cost of work done and make those properties much easier to sell. I have many clients who have come back to me to design the garden of their next house because their last developed garden through me helped so much to sell the house and added so much value. I see many properties with a lot of unrealised potential in their gardens and many gardens that are a significant detractor from the value of the property. Resolving these issues is a creative challenge I really enjoy, transforming outdoor areas into valuable assets for my clients. I design carefully to make sure my ideas, choices, recommendations and details are a good investment for my clients to realise all the potential and value of their property within their budget. This is not an easy task and comes from over 20 years design and technical experience delivered at affordable fees.

My clients see that my service is a great investment and a ‘no brainer’ for any scale of project because it saves money and achieves more for them. In good hands gardens can be good investments.

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