Wild Flower Borders - Low Maintenance Display

Wild Flower Borders - Low Maintenance Display
‘Wild flowers can make a reliable lasting display’

Seeding or planting wild flower areas has become very popular with local authorities and parks departments in recent years to create a fabulous colourful display that often lasts longer than seasonal bedding plant displays, is cheaper, needs less maintenance and has great wildlife benefits.

Many of my clients have been inspired by seeing such vivid natural displays and asked me if this is possible in their garden. This can be a very effective display in any garden and be particularly durable to bad weather that often spoils a long awaited display of some perennial and bedding plants.

Wild flower seed mixes are readily available though the preparation for seeding and maintenance has to be thought through for a good lasting result. I advise clients not only on the layout of their garden but also on establishment and maintenance techniques for all elements including wild flower areas. The range of colour and texture available is fabulous and the display can be improved each year by adding plug plants of new wild flowers into an existing display.

If used in the right area within an overall plan, wild flower borders, blocks or meadows can make a very effective contribution to the variety and seasonal range of a garden, even in difficult conditions.

Wild flower areas can be very cost effective per display and be part of a lower maintenance garden strategy that is permanent unlike many planted features which can become tired or overgrown in as little as 5 years.

Some planting treatments become monotonous and predictable very quickly around a garden but wild flower meadows are more impressive the larger they become and can be groomed to any scale you need.

So for a very flexible and attractive contribution to your garden, consider some wild flower areas within a well thought out master plan. I would be happy to discuss a suitable use of wild flowers in your garden as part of a thorough design process.

If you would like to look at the master plan potential of your property give us a call for a no obligation chat.

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